Monday, July 8, 2013

No Age Limit!!!

In a study published on July 3 in an American Academy of Neurology online issue of the medical journal Neurology, new research suggests reading, writing and other brain stimulating activities could preserve memory, regardless of age.

I have many, many people who ask me the same question, "What is the age limit for improving your brain?"  It's a crying shame to me that there seems to be some need for an "age limit" at all.  So now let me participate in the killing of this myth!  There is no age limit---never too young, never too old.

So what are these "brain stimulating activities" everyone is talking about?  Here are the ones I recommend:

I am NOT an advocate of drinking alcohol---quite the opposite---I think it is harmful.  But there is an advertisement that incorporates "the most interesting man in the world"---it shows a very grayed man surrounded by very young people who want to be around him socially.  This guy is shown, in a series of ads, doing a HOST of varied activities and none of them seem to involve watching television or mindlessly sitting in front of a computer.  I promise that watching cats doing something ridiculous does NOT stimulate your brain.  This guy is not fading with age, he is becoming MORE interesting because he's had more varied experiences.  And this is something that seems to be lost on a lot of folks.  Getting older SHOULD mean getting more interesting, not less.

So there is the equation, plain and simple---MOVE a lot, EAT WELL, READ, WRITE, do INTERESTING and VARIED activities!  

And here is the key:  KEEP DOING IT UNTIL YOU DIE!!!  Don't decide that you're just too tired or too old for new and interesting activities.  There is no age limit.  Your brain wants and NEEDS you to keep variety and movement and stimulation in your life.  You will never regret making these investments in yourself.