Friday, July 12, 2013

We Can't Help It, It's Genetic

I've had parents tell me many times that their child cannot improve their brain function because they have a condition that is genetic.  Never mind that 99% of these parents are labeling their child's struggles "genetic" based merely on the fact that parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc have also struggled with reading, paying attention, sleeping well, etc.  (NOT a very scientific measure, if I may say so).  

However, new research is confirming that your DNA is NOT written in stone.  Your DNA changes based on environmental conditions---including what you do, what you eat, etc.---throughout an undetermined period of your life, but AT LEAST throughout your developmental years. 

This is such critical information to understand, and is the foundation for an attitude shift---
Our DNA does not make conditions in our life unchangeable!  We influence our DNA constantly and need to take that power into our conscious decisions.

What message would you like to set into YOUR DNA?