Friday, June 22, 2012

Sad . . .

As you can tell from my nearly two-month absence on the blog, I've been BUSY!  In fact, BUSY may be an understatement.  I'll be posting more about that busy-ness later---it's all great stuff and I'm very excited about future developments.  But back to the busy-ness at hand.  

Today I decided to spend one hour excavating my office.  I've been ignoring piles of stuff for so long that I couldn't really even work on them.  So I busted out the virtual backhoe and go to work.  As I was filing, I realized I would have to sift through some of the files because they no longer fit in their assigned filing cabinet.  So I needed to further categorize----and I did.  And that's why I'm sad.

I'm sad because it became necessary to filter out the "inactive" clients from my files.  I had to put in a less accessible place the files of those clients whose parents do not respond to email and phone attempts to contact them.  I can't coach those who don't respond, so I need to put their files in the "inactive" filing cabinet.  DRAT!

I have avoided doing this for a long time because I get my heart invested in these families and I don't want to give up on them.  I've spent at least 6 hours designing plans for their future.  I've visited them in their homes and gotten to know at least part of their family.  I really LIKE them.  And now I have to put them in the "inactive" file.  :(

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you haven't heard from me in a while, if you have heard from me but haven't responded, or if you think you might possibly in some shape, form or fashion have fallen into the "inactive" file and your child is not yet functioning at their best-----PLEASE email me, call me, text me, send up smoke signals, or somehow contact me.  I don't "judge" what has gone on in the past, I just celebrate moving forward in the future.  Honestly and sincerely, there is no "chastisement" only encouragement about today and tomorrow.  

In the meantime, I'm sad.  I'm sad about every one of those cute faces that are not yet free of neurological disorganization.  I want to help them all!