Monday, April 23, 2012

Air Purifiers---Expert Guest Post--Bruce Colbert

Bruce Colbert is an amazing dad who wanted to do everything possible to help his son---and clean air is certainly part of that equation.  Bruce spent countless hours doing the research (honestly, we all know we should do it, but no one wants to---including me!), and he shares the results of that research on his website.  I'm honored and delighted to have Bruce give us a little taste of what is available to us on his site!  He is generously sharing his vast knowledge and will even take questions! Without further adieu---I give you Bruce Colbert!

Here's the story about how "just a dad" went research-crazy on air purifiers to [finally] come up with some common sense air cleaning recommendations, which I readily share with you today

We lived in an 1890 built home with a wet basement; two indoor pets mixed in.  Elijah, my adopted son, who had suffered brain injury in-utero, constantly walked around with a thick mucous running from his nose. 

His lungs were overloaded trying to deal with mold and other allergens.  When we don't breathe well, less life-giving oxygen makes it into our system.  Critical for all of us…

…absolutely essential for brain injured children to thrive.

At the time, I knew nothing about air purification, so I dove in to find the best air purifier, and boy, the pool was deep.  Combine the existence of many types of technologies with the difficulty of measuring actual results via the naked eye (you don't usually see less particles)…

…scams breed like rabbits, and some of the best air purifiers get lost in the shuffle.

I was able to find the best air purifier for our situation, and it boils down to this: 

The best air purifer will:

--clean the air the best (quality of air)
--while cleaning a lot of that clean air (quanitity of air)
--while having the best secondary features (cost, build quality, particular needs of the family, etc.)

You might express it as a formula:

(quality of air) x (quantity of air cleaned) + (best secondary features) = best air purifier.

Where The Trouble Starts:

Most trouble starts with understanding what technology actually cleans the air, (quality) and making sure that technology is really present in the air purifier selected. 

(Marketers are good at taking advantage of this...Oreck air purifiers being one of the best at marketing while delivering almost worthless, sometimes even dangerous air cleaners)

The absolute bare minimum needed for good performance on the "quality" end: 

--A filter that works at least at true HEPA quality for filtering dust, pollen, and other particle based pollutants
--and ample charcoal-based filtering to filter out harmful volatile organic compounds, typically in gas form.

Putting it all together:

Is your head spinning from all this information?  I understand.  Mine still does, and I'm a bootstrap-expert in the field.

Don't stress it...

...If you can take the basic understanding I've presented here, and consult with a trustworthy source (may I humbly suggest my own you'll easily come away with a winner for your child, and even the rest of your family to breath better, live better.

If you're looking for specific brand recommendations, I invite readers over to to take a look, and for a limited time, will even take questions on specifics at