Monday, March 5, 2012

Parents With Purpose On the Road

I wanted to share some of the wonderful adventures of February!  It was a jam-packed month both personally and professionally.  Personally, my son Kent left home on February 13 to begin serving a full-time two-year mission for our Church.  We have planned for this moment his entire life, but it is always an emotional moment when you say that final goodbye for two years.

There were parties and many visitors dropping in to say farewell---it was a week of intense love and EXHAUSTING! (Yes, that is Dawson photo-bombing my "moment"!) Immediately following Kent's departure,  Callie was playing the Sour Kangaroo in Seussical.  I don't have the pictures from Seussical back yet (had to order them from a service), but she was fabulous.  Another very fun and EXHAUSTING experience.  The last day of musical performance, I hopped on a plane to San Jose.  What a GREAT trip!

I saw one child who began program 18 months ago at 54.9% and is now 92.8%!!  They have eliminated Concerta and Prozac and now have a wonderful goofy kid to enjoy.  Another family with three children saw all three of them having moved from the 70's to the 90's in percentage of expected function.  The family of another child who was diagnosed by a medical doctor as being autistic, greeted me with "Hi, Donna" and a look square in the eye as he was running through his home with a buddy over for a playdate.  I giggled with delight at seeing the transformation---three and a half years ago, this child never made eye contact, mainly jargoned for language, never interacted with friends and didn't have that glint in his eye.  I also saw several clients for their initial evaluation---it's so exciting to see the relief on the mother's face.  One mother hugged me and said, "Thank you for proving that I'm not crazy.  Now I know that I was right---and exactly what to do about it."

It was a GREAT trip to lovely San Jose!  I also was able to accomplish the goal of having Brain Development 101 professionally filmed.  Stay tuned to hear when it will be available online!  New testimonial videos from moms whose kids are soaring---they'll be online under "Our Approach" then "Testimonials" at .

Exciting times!  How are your children doing on program these days???